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Sep 22, 2020 – Bishop Callahan has declared that the dispensation from attending Sunday Mass will remain in effect until further notice.  This dispensation should not be abused, however.  If one were to avoid Sunday Mass but still participate in social events (barbecues, sporting events, etc.), that would be cause for examination of conscience.  If you are able, are not high risk, and are simply not attending Mass because you don’t have to, please reconsider.  We welcome anyone who comes to Mass, and we do not condemn anyone who, in good conscience, is unable.  Rest assured that we have taken every reasonable safety precaution: our air conditioning system in equipped with an ionizer that removes harmful substances from the air; our pews are cleaned between each Mass; our clergy wear masks while distributing Holy Communion; and everyone is encouraged to wear masks also.  Soon we will also be using an anti-viral fogger to clean the church.  In addition, those who would like to attend Mass but are uncomfortable with coming inside have the option to remain in their car and tune to FM 90.5.  We have a low-power transmitter which only covers our parking lots; the Mass broadcast cannot be listened to from home.  Every Mass is broadcast live, and those who would like to receive Holy Communion can drive up under the canopy entrance to receive at the normal time during Mass.  Finally, our 10:30 Mass is streamed live on our YouTube channel.  The recordings are also retained for later viewing.  Just click on the link above to be taken to our page.

Aug 16, 2020 – Mask wear has created a little bit of a challenge in receiving Holy Communion.  The following should help.  Before you approach the priest or deacon to receive Communion (when you’re second in line), remove your mask by pulling it down or releasing one of the straps around your ears.  That way your hands are free to receive the Lord, your mouth is not covered, and you can consume Him immediately.  Taking Holy Communion back to your pew with you and consuming it there should be avoided.

At the direction of Bishop Callahan, the provisions of Governor Evers’ latest Executive Order are adopted by the Diocese.  For Sacred Heart, this means that:

  • Face masks/ coverings must be worn by all individuals, 5 years or older, present within our Church, the parish office, rectory, and school.
  • Face coverings are required even if you are able to maintain proper social distancing.
  • Face coverings must be worn to cover the nose and mouth completely.
  • Face coverings should not include face shields, mesh masks or masks with holes, openings or vents
  • Exceptions are made for certain individuals who are exempt as outlined in the CDC guidance 
  • While a single individual is giving a religious presentation ( i.e. the priest, deacon, or lector), the single speaker may remove the face covering while actively speaking. While the face covering is removed, the speaker must remain at least 6 feet away from all other individuals at all times. 

All other guidelines below remain in effect.

A longer form of the Spiritual Communion prayer can be downloaded here. It is a beautiful prayer and can help you to meditate more deeply on the Lord’s loving gift of Himself.

Public weekday Masses have resumed.  Check the bulletin for dates and times.


  • The Sunday Mass obligation remains dispensed.  You are not required to attend; in fact, if you are in an at-risk category you are highly encouraged NOT to come to Mass.  And if you are currently ill, it is a moral imperative that you NOT attend Mass.
  • Although the Mass times remain normal, many other aspects of how we attend Mass have changed.
  • As directed by Bishop Callahan, and in the interest of maintaining proper social distancing, the number of people that can be admitted to a Mass is limited to 25% of the church’s seating capacity.  That means only 110 people can be in attendance at each Mass.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING will be part of everything we do.  Doing your part to maintain appropriate social distancing from the moment you arrive will make things go more smoothly for everybody.
  • Only the doors under the drive-up canopy on the south side of the building will be available for entry.
  • Seating will only be allowed in every other pew; access to pews not available for seating will be blocked off will blue painters tape.
  • There will also be blue X’s in the open pews to show where you may sit to maintain proper social distancing.
  • Immediate family members may sit together without 6-foot spacing.
  • There will only be a single line for Communion.  There will be X’s on the floor to help with social distancing.  Hand sanitizer will be available near the front pew.
  • Access to the basement and the choir loft will be blocked off.  Please use the restroom on the main floor of the church.
  • Please be sure to maintain social distancing as you exit after Mass.  
  • If you are unable to come into Mass due to occupancy limitations, or if you are uncomfortable coming into the church building, you can still participate in the Mass.  Simply park in any of the church parking lots and tune your radio to 90.5 FM.
    • Communion will be distributed to those listening from their cars.  At Communion time, simply drive under the canopy on the south side of the building and Communion will be brought to you.  You will also have the opportunity to receive a bulletin if you need one and can make your offertory gift as well.  Please drive with caution, do not block traffic (especially on Prospect Ave), and be courteous to others.
  • The 10:30 Sunday Mass will also be streamed live on our YouTube channel.  See the link above.
  • For your safety, the church will be cleaned and sanitized between each Mass.
  • If you can volunteer to help in any way, please contact Fr. John.
  • Please check back for any updates.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we begin to celebrate public Masses again!

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